Aimee Maree Forsstrom

So just who is Aimee Maree?

Computer Scientist, Open Web Architect, Linux Administrator, Accessibility Engineer, CMS Aficionado, Instructional Designer, Computer Interaction and Human Cognition Researcher, Disability Advocate, Youth Mentor, Public Speaker, Problem Solver, Future Thinker, Costume Artist, Creator/Maker/Hacker, Part of the 3D Printing Revolution, Dedicated Gardener, Inquisitive Mind, Eternal Student, Optimistic, World Wide Traveler


Current Work Focus

What have I been up to lately

Web Solution Design and Development

Web Solution Design and Development

Web Solution Design, CMS Development, Site Architecture

SBS Web Platform Performance Optimisation, Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018, NSW State Library greenfield WCMS platform and third-party integration points, CiviCRM Integration for Australian Theatre Youth Project.

Accessibility and Assistive Technology

Accessibility and Assistive Technology

Consultant, Software Engineer, Researcher

Inclusive Web Solution Design by enabling accessibility in the project lifecycle from design to development working with auditing companies to ensure com. Screenreader code QA for application development for web and mobile. WCAG & WAI-ARIA retrofit for various Drupal and Javascript (Polymer, Angular) websites.

Open Source Software Management

Open Source Software Management

Web and Mobile Solutions

Working with Web Agencies, Enterprise, and Government to build and/or skill up internal Web Development Teams for OpenSource CMS. Refactor and rescue Open Source CMS development projects to ensure use of community software development standards and OpenSource licensing structures.

Public Speaking

Snapshot of some of my presentations




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Where I have worked and what I have done

During my career I have tried where possible to expand my experience in technology by walking a lineal path seeking exposure to new areas of technology and ideas rather then trying to climb a ladder. This approach has seen me take roles that push the limitations of my experience. These many roles have lead me to, performing user research, developing content management systems, messaging security for finance and government sector, project officer on network infrastructure roll-outs, software licensing and compliance audits, research officer for software beta pilots and managing production cycles for licensed merchandise.

I enjoy traveling the world performing Open Source and Web Accessibility Advocacy and have been involved in small to large scale events talking to people about technology, sharing my knowledge but mostly learning from others.

To Learn more about my professional background please contact me for a copy of my Resume.

aimee @ linux.com
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Academic Experience

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with Honours, Southern Cross University, 2012

  • Cognitive Load Theory and Human Computer Interaction Research
  • Online Navigation Experiment Design and Development
  • Commerce and Management Faculty Scholarship for High Academic Achievement

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computing, Southern Cross University, 2008

  • Holiday Letting Directory CMS using PHP/MySQL
  • Women in Technology Award for High Academic Achievement

Advanced Certificate in Web Development, 2006

  • Development of custom CMS using Zend Framework

Advanced Diploma in E Security, 2004

  • Cisco Networking Academy Certificate CCNP

Diploma in Network Engineering, 2002

  • Cisco Networking Academy Certificate CCNA

Advanced Diploma in Apparel Manufacturing, 2000

  • Benefits of Just in Time Manufacturing- Essay

about me

Life is meant to be lived and Technology is my life

freedom hacker

A historic view

a look into my past

Interested in computers from a young age having received my first computer "Amstrad CGA" at the age of 8, coding small games in basic around the age of 11. Since then I have never looked back and have been privileged to watch the growth of Personal Computers, Networks and the birth of the Internet.

1997 was the start of my professional career in the fashion industry and commencing studies which lead to an Advanced Diploma in Apparel Manufacturing. Working within the areas of product development and production in fashion, gained experience on large projects such as the Sydney Olympic 2000 Games, the launch of Katie's 1626 label and Crossroads label.

With the progression of computers into the workplace, I retrained in the area of Network Engineering, focusing on e-mail systems and web server management. In late 2000 commenced formal Information Technology studies with a Scholarship in Network Engineering. Over the next four years completed various Diplomas and Certificates in Information Technology.

During my career within Network Engineering, I received various types of exposure within National and International Enterprise, all with their own degrees of complexity in the areas of managing people and computers.

2003 I strengthened my skill-set through study and work performing e-business analysis for web development projects and studied Advanced Diploma in E-Security. Since 2005 I have worked in the area of Open Source web solutions architecture and web systems integration using PHP as my language of choice for web applications.

During 2009 to 2013 completed an Honours Degree in Cognitive Load Theory and its implementations for enhancing online instructional design. During this time I also performed field based UX research for various digital agencies throughout Sydney. In 2014 I worked in the User Advocacy Team supporting FireFoxOS and was part of the team performing User Research testing future support tools and methods.

Throughout my academic and working career, I have focused on making technology work for people. A strong believer in a simplistic user interface design and empowering people through technology. Believing the Internet is still in its early stages, I find excitement with the knowledge of what is yet to come. Optimistic, enthusiastic and excited about what the future holds for the Internet and believe we are still at the very beginning of this technology with leaps and bounds still to be achieved.

Understand well as I may, my comprehension can only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand.

Ada Lovelace

World Wide

Where have I been? Or maybe where am I going...

Aimee Maree and Kate RussellI believe that travel expands the heart and broadens the mind, I grew up in a bi-lingual family and enjoyed exposure to many cultures as a child and as an adult, I had the privilege to expand upon this exposure with travel.

I travel the world regularly to attend Technology and Education conferences where I have been privileged to meet some of the brightest minds in the Wider Technology and Open Source community. If I am not speaking or helping to organise an event I try to volunteer my time in anyway possible from room monitoring, to after conference cleanup, and social media advocacy.

My travels have taken me throughout Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America and I have lived on three continents and hold dual Citizenship between Australia and Malta.

Where have I been?

In 2014 I was living in Portland and Seattle in America where I did some work for Mozilla on their FireFoxOS Team. I am now currently living back in the Hawkesbury just outside of Sydney, Australia. During 2015 I was helping out the NSW State Library as the Solutions Architect for their Web Online Systems Integration Project.

In the past few years, I have been focusing on Web Accessibility solutions for new projects and also development retrofitting for existing projects. The companies I have worked with include Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018, Access IQ, ING, University of Sydney, NSW State Library. Across 2016 and 2017 I gave a series of talks on JavaScript Frameworks and Accessibility and plan to release more resources covering this topic throughout 2018.

Where am I headed?

Who knows where the future will take us and what it is holding, sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.


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